Video: Ridge Reaper Reserve: Season 2, Episode 7

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    Length: 2:18
    [ANIMAL SCREECHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] We [INAUDIBLE] up this bull. We figure he's right over in here. Man, I think he's a 375 inch type bull. [INAUDIBLE]. Might kill a bull today. Right here next to a bull. We're going to kill this bull. [ANIMAL SCREECHING] He's right there. He's going to die. From where we shot him, we actually glassed him dying. Nuts. [MUSIC PLAYING] I think scouting is extremely important to the success of a hunt, particularly those early hunts. Generally, they'll be there in those same location for August, September, October-ish. We're going to keep covering some roads. I'm just trying to find some [INAUDIBLE] and some country that I like to hunt. My style is [INAUDIBLE]. And to be able to hunt a particular bull, it's really hard to do that just chasing bugles in thick trees. I probably average somewhere between 10 and 15 days, probably average. But there'll be some hunts that I might scout for 30 days. But generally speaking, scouting is every bit as much, if not more, important to the overall success of the hunt. Just because you're ready to go when the season hits. And you're not scouting during the hunt, or behind the eight ball, which allows other runners to find the animals that you would've otherwise scouted. The chances for success, I think, are greatly increased for those guys that scout hard. This bull out here has got big fists-- big fours, good front-end, and good width, and long beamed. We got the wind in our favor. He's got cows and satellite bulls. I think we got a decent chance. When I'm out there hunting, I'm trying to hunt for the biggest animal or the best animal that I can find. And for me, that's a challenge. And if that takes a couple of months, that's what I really enjoy about hunting. [GUITAR STRUMMING]