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    [INTENSE MUSIC PLAYING] I had a lot of things to drive me throughout my life. In high school, college was a bit far fetched. You know, I really didn't think I would go. I play football because I just love to play the sport, but once I started getting letters from different schools it was like another opportunity, another door opening. It just took my game to another level. And I learned a lot more in college. Some things hit you, some things don't. It prepares you for both football and life after football. For me, it's being in a moment. I play a position where at any moment a play can be a breakout play, but you don't know which play it is. It could be the first play, it could be the seventh play, it could be the twentieth play. So to me, I just want to go out and run every play in the same way I run the first play, because you never know when that breakout play will be.