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    Length: 2:28
    [THEME MUSIC] I'm crazy excited. We're in the middle of the rut for elk. I was training, tore my bicep, and it was brutal. I don't know if I can get any closer. I see a bull. He's broadside. 450. Exactly. This is what we want right here. Nice clean shot, dude. That's all we ask for. Well, this is our warehouse. It actually stores one of the coolest things at Under Armor as far as I'm concerned, which is the Fourth Quarter. Kevin Plank, our owner, when he built the first T-shirts out of grandmother's basement, one of the coolest things he could do was turn product around really fast for the most elite guys out there, from professional sports to military to whatever. And we still house it today. So this is great. We're here in the Fourth Quarter with my buddy Dennis Isaac. He's the man here who builds custom products start to finish. Since I had this link to the Fourth Quarter and Mr. Dennis Isaac, I'm in here because I've got to get better by the hunting season. As far as being a ridge reaper, I'm not reaping so well right now. So what I did is basically came up with some type of pulley system. This can come onto your body. Yeah. What this will do, Brian, is mainly keep your sleeve in place. And of course, we would customize it to you. Yeah, sure. So I may need to increase the specs across the shoulders. No, yeah. Yeah. I was going to say, this isn't actually my size here. No, no, no. Make a little more robust. We may have to increase the circumference of the arm hole, that kind of thing. We're also working on just doing some sleeves that would have some shaping through here because even though we want to cover this part here, we may need to cover the shoulders as well. Compression sleeve, it feels good. Looks good. So we got an awesome team here at the Fourth Quarter. Absolutely. My boy Dennis running the shop. Thank you, buddy. You're most welcome. [MUSIC PLAYING]