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    Length: 3:13
    [MUSIC PLAYING] Mexico. We're just about ready to load up and head out. There's gotta be a buck there somewhere. Pretty soon you're wondering why you didn't shoot him, on the fourth when you're not seeing any deer at all. Look at those [INAUDIBLE]. It's a different deer. [INAUDIBLE] Go. Go, go, go. [WHISTLE] Some of the deer we'd shoot. Gotta get [INAUDIBLE] of them. Oh, oh, oh, oh. It's right there through the brush. There it is. Good shootin', [INAUDIBLE]. Good shootin'. I first got involved with hunting because my dad was a biologist and game warden for the state of Utah. I accompanied him on a lot of his different hunts throughout my youth, from the time I was five years old. One of my first hunting memories is when I was just a little kid, we didn't have trail cameras. And my dad would have all these tree stands over salt licks, and he'd want to see what's coming into those salt licks. I'd sit in the tree stand from daylight until noon. He'd give me a half hour off to eat a sandwich, and I'd sit in that tree stand until dark. Then I could come back and report what was there. I saw everything from bears to lions. I had a lion hanging under my tree stand one time, probably 100 yards. And it laid down and switched his tail back and forward. And I was just-- I was sitting up there shaking. You know, I learned to be tough. My dad relied on me, and I've seen some of the craziest things, and I learned patience from that. My favorite species to hunt, no question, is mule deer. I love mule deer. They're such a challenge. They were kind of our staple species when I was growing up. We hunted mule deer. The largest mule deer that I killed to date went 271 inches. Oh my god. Oh. Look at that. Dude. Adam. Look at this thing. I prepare, in the off season, by a variety of ways. I mean, obviously, there's a physical preparation. I'll hike what we call [INAUDIBLE] behind our house. But there's also a preparation that I think is largely overlooked, and that is the preparation of which tags you're going to get, how you're going to get those tags, and preparing two and three years out the sites just that year. It's a methodical schedule of what I'm going to do, and what I want to accomplish, and how I'm going accomplish those. And so to me, if you leave out that preparation, you're going to hunt whatever tags you can get. That might be an over-the-counter tag or whatnot. That just doesn't provide you the trophy, quality experience that you might want. I've just got that personality that I don't want to do it halfway. If I'm doing something, I'm going to do 100%. I'm going to give it everything I got. And with that comes a lot of time and energy and effort. [MUSIC PLAYING]