Video: Ridge Reaper Reserve: Season 2, Episode 5

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    Length: 3:01
    [ANIMAL NOISES] [ANIMAL CALLS] It doesn't always come together. We're in the sixth day. Not even close. [ANIMAL NOISES] Let's go kill an elk. How many canyons have we crossed? Right there. There he is. Yeah, buddy. We got an antler. We did it. We hunted him down. Yeah, we did. I love it man, when they start screaming. Yours was a monster. I kill a good one in the next kill. I can't believe that one that you walked up on, the one you-- --the dead one. The 400 inch-- That was crazy footage. We got crushed on that. That was crazy footage. Who wants to find a poached 400 inch elk. I scored him at like 429. He was the biggest bull killed in the state of New Mexico, period, maybe in the last couple of years. It's been dead a while. Yeah. That's kind of a high shot. Oh. I knew he didn't have mass. That's the bull we've been hunting. Somebody shot him and didn't get him. He's frickin' giant, like we thought. We knew. Got the game wardens coming over. We'll see what they say, but we got to go to plan B. We've been wasting several days on this bull, and it is what it is. Crazy awesome bull-- giant front end, seconds, big thirds, fours. Couldn't ask for cooler fifths, more character, split fifths. Hard to come. Devil tines coming off. I mean just a stud. It's a giant. Such a shame to lose a bull like this. It's just crazy. But, if this shows you anything. [LAUGHTER] He's got to be 400. Oh Yeah. Yeah, that's a 400. Yeah. It's a giant. We knew, we figured he was four. It's ruined my day. Makes you want to throw up in your mouth. Like we were on it. You missed him by a day and a half, two days. We were hunting a dead bull. We didn't know it. We wasted two days on that bull. And we walked by him at 40 yards. You smelled him, but you never saw him. And I was like, oh, that's just a dead deer. You going to go search out every smell? You will now. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING]