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    Length: 4:40
    He's done. What do you think, man? One down. There's the buck. Coming through the cholla. Dude, that thing's heavy. Two bucks. We should go over there. He's going on the side of that hill. How far is it, Marv? 440. There you go. [GUNSHOT] You never know when you're gonna come around the corner and have another 35-incher staring at you. Every time you watch someone else's show with mule deer, they always stop and look. I've never had a mule deer stop and look. Every time they want to go, they're gone. Usually, they pounce out and, you know, they do their little hop. What do they call that? [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE]. At least that's what my uncle [INAUDIBLE]. I call it a bunny hop. And if you hold your bow a minute on a deer, it feels like an eternity. Yeah. That Nevada deer was-- kind of put me through it. That Nevada deer, when he was walking through, it seemed like it was like a half hour before he was gonna step out. You held for the longest time. But you can see him. I just assumed he was coming through, like, a four-foot opening. And he came through it, but he came through on a pretty fast walk. Yeah. I let one fly, an awesome deer. Caught him a little bit back, and had to catch up with him the next day and finish it off. That's crazy. I don't have the patience. I can't believe you went that far. Yeah, I couldn't either. I was shocked. On the Arizona elk, what happened? I shot him in the butt. Anyway, he comes through, and I let the arrow fly and I kind of-- I could see it waver a little bit. And it hits the bull in the butt. And there's blood just streaming down the side of him. And he runs off, and I can see an antler just kind of laying on the ground. It looks like he's dying. [INAUDIBLE] you were freaking out. Yeah, he's dying. I kept, like-- we're reviewing the tape, and Chris sees that little limb come through that sunspot on the tree. And then after it hit the limb, then you see the arrow kind of not flying totally f Hit that bull in the femoral artery that feeds the back end. I mean, it's a good place to aim, I guess. I don't know. [LAUGHTER] I hit him in the butt, and he died in 60 seconds. But-- You're lucky you even hit him. Yeah. Really lucky. Big. Big? Or B-I-G. For big. Everybody thought he was high 180s. Yeah. Deer. We thought he was a good deer. Because he had a huge head with huge ears? Yeah. His ears-- That big, yeah. His ears were 19 inches long. I mean, they were enormous. Yeah. It was the first thing I said when they pulled up in the truck. I was like, look at the size of his ears. His ears were this big. Trevor doesn't misjudge very often. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I looked at him and I thought, that's a 185-inch deer. That's exactly what Trevor said. But typicals are the toughest to judge. He told me that this elk was 350. Yeah. [INTERPOSING VOICES] We take him out, 377. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Well you killed a 200-inch four-point dude. That's huge. Like, I find elk to be really hard to judge. Well, they've got so many measurements. And if you're off a half inch on each measurement, I mean, if you think about four mass measurements on each side, so you got eight, you got six points a side plus, right, if it's non-typical. I think it's just the adding that's hard. [LAUGHTER] You need a calculator out in the field. I mean, if you see anything with a good third-- Just take a picture. --it's probably a good elk. That's true. You know, the genetics for elk generally are [INAUDIBLE]. Thirds, baby. Thirds are-- if it's got a small thirds, it's gonna cut you back 10 inches a side. That's 20 inches. You got swords like that dude does. Yeah. Thirds are [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. [INTERPOSING VOICES] If you just look at them separately, you just go-- you look at the back and look at the front, and you go, big back end, small front. OK. Not a shooter. Yes. You know? There's something about a non-typical. Like, you killed that non-typical there [INAUDIBLE]. Something about a non-typical. Or something about a straight [INAUDIBLE] six-point. Elk non-typical are-- they get freaky. That's why I give Jason a hard time, too. It's like I will shoot a massive three by three or a massive two by two. Those are really interesting to me. [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. I'm like you, like mass is everything. Like, if you get something that's-- [INAUDIBLE] it, baby. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE]. I don't care if he's got two, three, or four back there. It doesn't matter what the score is. [INAUDIBLE]. All right. This is starting to get weird. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING]