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    Length: 2:10
    Days can stop up there. Kind of hard not to shoot him. We woke up with 10 inches of snow and it's like we're on Mars. [INAUDIBLE] [GUNSHOT] Good shot. Isn't that awesome? Look at the thickness he has right up in here. Woo! Always lethal. I'm Kip Fulks, Executive Vice President of Product at Under Armor. I don't think a lot of people know the story on why we pursued this category. The hunting and fishing market is actually in our DNA. Two of the three founding partners are huge outdoorsmen. I grew up in Colorado. My dad's from Montana. So we had this whole heritage from our families that was in the outdoors. Sunrise came up. I grew up chasing pheasants with my old man, kicking around the camp, and it was always in his old combat boots. And I always wanted to wear what dad had. That was freaking insane. He had no idea we were here. Now these hunters are so sophisticated. The technology, the GPS, the rifles, the ammunition, the scent technologies. They all expect so much more. [INAUDIBLE] Under Armor is always trying to find ways to make athletes better, to find the little things that are going to help people do big things. [INAUDIBLE] I'm Kip Fulks and I've always been lethal. [GUNSHOT] Look at this.