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    [MUSIC PLAYING] I think no matter what it is, whenever or what circumstance, we're always faced with choices. I think it's in those defining moments, like especially when you said everyone is looking, we get to make those choices to kind of chisel our own character and our own uniqueness. Just taking from week to week, if you're vamping reps or sets, it's kind of you putting yourself through the workout. So it's not like there's anyone else there telling you, you have to do these reps, you have to do these reps. But you kind of have these images in the back of your head and you kind of carry the weight of coming from a small town. So I have my parents, my family, all these people that have helped coach me through school. You kind of pull those in and that kind of drives you. And you think about those tough moments that still that kind of define you. And everyone can push past their limit, it's just a matter of finding out how. I dig down so deep and I expect so much of myself. And when I don't make plays I get so frustrated. I hate that frustration. I hate not making that play. And it's just kind of like that thing that through all the experiences I've kind of built up and said, you know, it's not happening this time. It's not going to happen. There's so many different areas that that kind of pressure is coming from. I'll be the best I can with what I have. And every ball that goes up in the air you got to visualize you catching it.