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    [APPLAUSE] So at Under Armour we're committed to all athletes, but specifically to that athlete of the next generation. And after a nationwide search, we are down to the six best athletes to represent Under Armor. Without any further ado, here's the UA Next 2014 roster of athletes. I play baseball, football, and basketball. And I'm ready to show what I can do. I'm the only girl in my league that plays football. I can kick their butts. Well, you're always gonna make mistakes, but you just got to keep going until you achieve what you're going for. I play football and I run track. It doesn't really matter if you win or lose, it's about if you just have fun and you think you did your job. I do cross fit every day. I want to be the first lady Navy SEAL. I want to be the best in the world. I've been around the nation, now I want to travel around the world for track. Go, keep going. You got it. Two, three, four. Five seconds guys, five seconds. Come on. Nice work, nice work. How was workout? Ah, intense. Yeah? Yeah. I work hard in all my practices because I know whatever you do in practice is going to happen in the game. So if you don't work hard in practice that week, you're not going to do well in the game. So you gotta always give 110%. Yesterday we got to train with them in training facilities. Next one we're going to do them all the way back to do that whole sequence. Let's go. It's a huge honor. I'm just so excited to be part of this, because finally the kids get to do something cool. I play football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. I might forget any sports because I play so much. What you want to be when you grow up? I have a lot of things. I want to be an artist, a hair salon lady, and a track runner. When I'm older I want to be a part of the Navy SEAL. Well, that's really my second choice. I'd want to be a part of the FBI. How did you hear about the FBI? I've watched those crime shows. And I've told my mom and dad that I wanted to be the person that runs on the rooftops chasing everyone. My idol is Cam Newton. Because he's being calm, he goes to the next play and goes beast mode. What makes you such a good runner? My dad, he used to make me flip tires, jump on boxes. Is that something kids usually do? No, not at my age. I've been named one of the captains on my team. And in the huddle I kind of pump everyone up, get them ready for the game. And some embarrassing nicknames you've been called? Teddy bear. OK, Cam. This is it. Go, go, go, go, go. I will work hard. I like to work my butt off to make sure I'm perfect at what I'm doing. It's fun and it's tough. I like to help out my teammates, so on the field they can experience more. I'm a great leader for the kids younger. Yeah, right here, high fives. I play to win and I play fair. Every day is like a race. And everyday I want to win! I will be next. It's my turn. It's my time. I am next.