Video: Ridge Reaper Reserve: Season 2, Episode 4

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    Length: 3:05
    [THEME MUSIC] We could not find Captain Hook. He's taunting us. I'm watching you. It's going to happen quick. He got up? All I could see was head and antlers. So onward and upward. Back in April, I had surgery on my Achilles. I was laid up for about eight weeks. How many times have we climbed up this now? He's not far from where he was last night. I got him. [MUSIC PLAYING] Holy smokes. I'm shaking. He got up. And he was a lot closer than I thought. That is just an awesome, awesome feeling. What an awesome buck. The trials and tribulations that we've gone through on this one. I mean, face to face. Now it's time to go look at him really face to face. I'm just shaking. Well, we've been up and down that hill, back and forth, and it's probably three miles each way. So I mean, we've put in probably three to five miles a day just stalking him. We had two stalks yesterday. One the day before. Sot was about 20 yards, but he was on a steep downhill and we're coming down the hill. So it was a pretty steep angle shot. So when you have that steep angle shot, it's actually a lot closer than your range. He was close. But that's four stalks. We moved in quiet, and all of them less than 20 yards. Try and keeping a cameraman quiet? I mean, that's an ordeal in itself. The first kill in the new camo. We were saying six, but he's only four inch hook. But just a, I mean, big, big deer. Big long nose. You know, super gray face. Just an old deer. It's just how much fun it is to take down these animals. They're just built to survive in this terrain. I mean, I can attest just from my Achilles. Just awesome. Just knows you're alive. Makes you know you're alive, that's for sure. [MUSIC PLAYING]