Video: Ridge Reaper Reserve: Season 2, Episode 8

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    Length: 4:08
    If I drop back, there's a lot better chance of working in bulls closer to you. (WHISPERING) There's a bull pen. He's only 50 yards down there. I wouldn't be surprised if it came back up for another look see. He's big. [INAUDIBLE] Piled up. And he walked off like he wasn't hit. Elk season doesn't get any better than this. First moonstone, so you know I don't know what to expect, but you know it's no different than chasing deer, chasing elk. There's not a lot of them here. We've had a couple spotted and we're going to go try and find one. [MUSIC PLAYING] That's before the route. We're not going to be able to call them in, we're not going be able to do much. So they move so fast, it's kind of difficult. It's kind of like try to get in front of him if he's moving. They just don't stand there and we can go see how we can get them out. (WHISPERING) This damn wind. Wind. If it was me, I'd probably back out. Do you think you would've held up in these trees? Man, it's so hard seeing where he went. He acts like he's going to lay down. Yeah. He is. Swing back. [MUSIC PLAYING] We got one more bush to hide behind. We tried to move a little bit. We got maybe 10 yards and he picked his head back up. We stopped again. [MUSIC PLAYING] [RIFLE BEING LOADED] [MUSIC PLAYING] Holy smokes. So it's now dark, but I'll come back tomorrow and see where is. The first moose ever for me. I mean we had to run up and down mountains, chase them. For a [INAUDIBLE] moose in Utah, I mean this guy is a beast. Just awesome. What a hunt! What a hunt. Look at that 45 inches outside. [MUSIC PLAYING]