Video: Ridge Reaper Reserve: Season 2, Episode 11

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    Length: 2:36
    [THEME MUSIC] I got my dad, my brother, Koby. We're in northern Utah on a quarry range. You got him? Maybe next time. We'll get him. Did I scare either one of them? I would shoot that deer. He's broadside right now. [GUNSHOT] My favorite animal to hunt, by far, is archery elk. Number two would be hunting mule deer. I think it's one of the most difficult things you can do because they're so wary. And trying to hunt them archery is just so fun, but it's so difficult. He got up and just took a couple steps down the hill. I mean, all I could see was head and antlers. Everything comes down to this one moment in time where you go, you have to make the decision to pull the trigger. What I do to prepare is train. So I train as hard as I can, but I train at sea level. You can never train for altitude unless you're training at altitude. That's always the hardest thing. I think I adapt pretty quick to altitude. It generally takes me two or three days. Son of a gun. This hill is kicking my butt. I'm really starting to dislike it. How many times have we climbed up this now? Four times? Let's keep motoring. But you can easily just say, wow, I'm tired. I don't want to climb that mountain today. But I think a lot of those things from the Marines and what it instills in you, is just like, I'm going to go until the animal gives up or until I basically pass out. I think there's a lot of things that you can apply to a hunt. One would probably be just this determination that you get from the Marines, and this fact that they just don't stop. [MUSIC PLAYING]