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    Length: 1:30
    [SNOW CRUNCHING] So if you've been writing this script, it couldn't have produced a more dramatic and exciting final. Tonight. we are making hockey history, and the teams and fans are really up for this one. [CROWD CHEERING] And you can feel the tension almost everywhere. [MUSIC PLAYING] There's the official face-off. And the game is underway. It's a race. Team Canada takes control, cutting right in front! [INAUDIBLE] Canada. Over the line, into the corner. They race for it. Canada putting on tremendous pressure here. Coming in from the sides. This is going to be a rough game. But look at them fight for control! [CROWD CHEERING] And Canada's right back into the game. He breaks in, good position. [INAUDIBLE] really badly. Coming up on the right side. That's an absolutely beautiful move. [WIND BLOWING] I will. [WHOOSHING]