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    Length: 1:22
    [MUSIC PLAYING] Obviously, in life, everybody wants to be successful. It's the things that people don't see that define you as a person and as an athlete. Growing up, especially in high school, my big thing was eating well and trying to maintain my body. It was a lot of self motivation, that's just what I wanted to do. I can really say that every decision that I made was geared toward having success in the football field. It became my obsession. A lot of it is muscle memory. The steps you take in my position being a DB, you've got to backpedal, brake, plant. And sometimes, your body just remembers when you're in that spot on the field. And it's almost like an instinct. It's not like you're actively thinking about it. You just kind of do it. But that's because of the hours of preparation that you had before, you get in that moment. Almost everything you do in football happens before the moment happens. So you have to dedicate yourself to being a football player. it's an everyday thing year round. You have to dedicate yourself even during the off season when nobody sees what you're doing to being an athlete. That way, when it is the season, you can perform. [MUSIC PLAYING]