Video: Ridge Reaper Reserve: Season 2, Episode 3

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    Length: 3:11
    [THEME MUSIC] Cut fork's found. All I can see is his head. Couple hundred yards from where we seen him last night. We just want this deer. It's extremely thick. Sh, the little one. They're 100 yards. [INAUDIBLE] He's blowing. Sick. Hopefully we walk upon a dead deer in the morning. [THUNDER] So it was a long night. None of us got that much sleep. We're just nervous. We're full of anticipation. We get down into where we had left the last blood, and the blood is washed away. We're going to quietly track this deer down in case he's still alive, which hopefully he's not. You ready, Harris? Anytime. All right. So that's for sure his track. Come over here. That's him. See how his stride shortened up when he went back to being hunched up? When he was hunched up, he has short stride, because I think he's just struggling. Harris. That's blood. That's blood. We got blood. That's blood. Yes. It's definitely blood. OK. Perfect, perfect. He's got to lay down. He's got to lay down here. I think he's looking for a spot to bed. He's starting to weave. This dude's got stamina. OK, we got where he's bedded three times, and there's pretty good amounts of blood laying around right here. We're not too far behind him. Hopefully he laid around here for five or six hours. We might have a fresher track right here. But this is what I've been waiting for. Oh, yeah. Yeah. He's right there in those sage bushes. He's going to bust. He's hurt. We need to finish him off somehow without pushing him into the next county. Give her away. I got him. Oh, I feel so good. He looks awesome. And he was just an awesome deer to hunt. He's in the craziest country. It's flat. Extremely tough to hunt this deer. [MUSIC PLAYING]