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    Length: 1:16
    [MUSIC PLAYING] I Will What I Want has so many amazing meanings. It's willing myself to do the impossible. The outside chatter that a dancer experiences at a professional level can really ruin a person. It's important to be able to tune it out and to not let other people's words define me. Realizing, understanding, and grasping all that it takes to be a professional ballerina. All that it takes to be an African American ballerina. It gave me strength that I didn't know I had inside to persevere. To be a principal dancer, it's not often that you get that opportunity so late in the game. I think this was my moment, and I've willed it for my 11-year career. And it's here now and I want it. And I got on that stage and proved myself. And the principle roles just keep coming in. So I willed it and it came and it's beautiful. I will what I want.