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[MUSIC PLAYING] OK, Cam, this is it. I play baseball, football, and basketball. Baseball is kind of in my blood. My grandpa played professional. That was hard. My hands are bigger so my hands can really grip the ball. When I'm at quarterback I like to help out my teammates so on the field they can experience more. Right now this is my last week of school before I go to Under Armour Court. I'm really excited for it. This is Bob, Cameron's pet turtle. He treats him like a dog. What did you have to do to get picked to come here? We did a bunch of challenges. And I won and my mom cried. My dad was so excited. My friends were excited for me. And now you're here. Yep. It's game time. It's my time. I will be a role model. My idol is Cam Newton. I will do this. He's a real positive role model. It's my turn. He goes to the next play and he goes into it, I will be a champion. Let's do this.

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