Video: Ridge Reaper Reserve: Season 2, Episode 1

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    Length: 2:22
    Let's see if she-- No, you dumb dog. Are you starting to-- Is it our ram? Right there. OK, stand right-- Everybody, heads down. Heads down. Heads down. I'm going to pound it. Down, down. I'm preparing for the worst. Five miles, 10 miles-- A hunt like this is you have to have everything on your back that you want for 10 days. So you've got to be prepared for warm, cold-- Like it rained for 10 days straight. Yeah, we can. Yukon's known for it. I like a pull-over, you know, for every day. Scent control or something because we're going to be living in them for 10 days. OK. You going to take those and the light ridge-- Yeah, one of each. Yeah, I've got a pair of those. Two total pair. I don't want my pack to be much more than 50, 55 pounds without the food. The other thing we need is a walking stick. This is a must. Do you have one? You need one. The thing is, it's not as intense as down here. It's more just putting in your time, being consistent, persistent, one foot in front of the other. Keep walking. You can take as long a shot as you're willing to take. But on a dall sheep, you shoot and blow them out, you're going to be moving camp to come up with new sheep. Yeah, because they're going to run 10 miles. So the way I look at it is you go one shot per 10 miles. How many miles you wanna walk? So you better make the first shot count.