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    Length: 3:13
    [NATURE SOUNDS] I've always want to go brown bear hunting because you're going after the top of the food chain. [MUSIC PLAYING] Four miles from here, you look straight across with us. We're going after the most dangerous predator in the world. It's top of the food chain. Prepare for the worst, and we're only hoping for the best course. But it's a dangerous place. [MUSIC PLAYING] Up until four years ago, I've never been out west. I'm still learning, you know? I just took my first bull four years ago. I grew up in the southeast, and so this is really a new experience for me. And I absolutely love it. I love hunting because it's something that I've done all my life. It's the thrill of the unknown. What are you going to face? What are the conditions? You don't know what's going to happen any time you go out. What are we going to experience today? What are we going to see? What's the weather going to be like? How are the animals going to react? I've had this fond respect for the animals, is really getting to know how animals act, and really having respect for nature, and having respect for hunting in general. So it's pretty special to me. And I just love the outdoors. I grew up on a farm. And I feel like I grew up with a BB gun in my hand. I haven't stopped ever since. I'll try it again this afternoon, see what we can do. And it's something that's just a deep passion of mine. That's always lethal, creep right up on him. Fantastic. Did you see my line? Nice. In my off season, I try to spend a lot of time with my family. I love to go fishing with my son and crabbing. --kind of a beautiful blue claws on him. Females have more of the lighter orange. And then try to get in shape. I love big animals, I don't know, just the massive size of animals to me are-- I love them. Hunting is really important to me. It's not just about the sport. It's about literally reaping the benefits and harvesting that meat. I've got a full freezer in here. Everything that I'm going to take down, I'm looking to literally put on the plate for myself and my family. I'm learning every single time I go out there. And so every year, I'm just trying to get a little bit better, a little more knowledgeable, trying to get better as far as hunting techniques. And the greatest thing is I get to learn from some of the best, like [INAUDIBLE] and the rest of the crew, with Kip and Coby. I'm fired up. [MUSIC PLAYING]