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    Length: 1:45
    What does winning a championship and hoisting a trophy-- what does that feel like? It's hard to explain. The glory and all the hard work that has all paid off in the end. And you're really proud of yourself for achieving that goal. I've been playing soccer since I was three or four. My position is centered defensive mid, which is kind of in the middle of a triangle between the forwards and mid-fielders. Do you have any embarrassing nicknames you've been called? Teddy bear. I've been made one of the captains on my team, and in the huddle I kind of pump everyone up. Get them ready for the game. My goal is to play in college. I work hard in all my practices, because I know whatever you do in practice is going to happen in the game. So you have to always give 110%. I play the saxophone. I like to play it because it's like creative and it's kind of like soccer. Even if you make a mistake, especially in saxophone, you can't just stop like in middle of a concert. You just have to keep going and find your place. It's free flowing and fluid, just like soccer is. You're always going to make mistakes, but you just can't let that get to your head and get upset. You've just got to keep going. Stay focused. Don't think about what if I miss? I play to win and I play fair. I keep my composure and leave it all on the field.