Video: Ridge Reaper Reserve - Week 12

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    Length: 1:50
    There's got to be a monster in. He's definitely going to be a shooter. It's just a matter of getting him on the ground. I know, I just can't decide. He's done. He's awesome. We'll take him. Here we are. We're up here in Nevada. Never really hunted this unit. Did you notice my new wheels? Picked up a Ram Power Wagon. Loaded and ready for the hills. So we're going to try it, work it hard. There's a bunch of [INAUDIBLE] [? up to the ?] head of that valley. Do you want to make a bet on who finds the first elk? That's a nice truck. It's already been four-wheeling. It runs. It runs hard. Like we're looking at this mountain. [INAUDIBLE] And that's right there. I need to pull out my knife We need to get him some elk meat.