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    [MUSIC PLAYING] Going to the University of Notre Dame, you're known immediately as a Golden Domer. And that's why the theme that we used to drive home for Shamrock this year was all about the Golden Dome. The helmets are gold because they match the dome. When you take a closer look, the dome actually has a crosshatched texture. So for the Shamrock Series, we have the texture of the Dome will actually sit on top of the helmet, so the helmet will really celebrate its source of inspiration. In the main building, if you are looking directly up at the dome, beneath your feet this huge mosaic tile. As a sort of subtle play, we have it in the shoulders of the jersey. We have it in the sleeves of the base layer. And it's just a way to celebrate that extra added element of design and detail. When you look into a uniform, it's one thing to just say, what are your colors, slap it on a jersey, and let's go. Give me a story. You can show me a jersey all day long, but what is the story? The Shamrock Series is a great event for us to do that. It's a nod to those who really know Notre Dame, and one that I think anybody can appreciate. [MUSIC PLAYING]
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