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[MUSIC PLAYING] Why is a girl on the team? I bet she's bad. Girls can't play football. And I just said, "I'll prove it on the field." I play football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. Am I forgetting sports? Because I play so much. I think that's it though. I'm the only girl in my league that plays football. I can kick their butts. [LAUGHING] I just want to do something harder, because easy is not enough for me. Because I like to work my butt off to make sure, like, I'm perfect at what I'm doing. My hero and my idol is my dad. When he was really little, he couldn't throw a ball. When he grew up, he worked really hard and he got a scholarship to play baseball. And what did you learn from that? To work your hardest and don't give up. Keep going for what your achievement is. My first football game, I got pushed around a lot. Then I got a touchdown and they just treated me like one of the others. And some of them are my really good friends. Just keep going. Don't give up. [WHOOSHING]

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