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    It was September of 2010. I was at a Wall Street analysts meeting. They kept asking us questions about our past, where we came from. All anyone wanted to know is where we were going. We very quickly explained, number one, we are a growth company. But the statement that came out from me, as I was trying to answer these questions, can you, will you, may it happen, was that, ladies and gentlemen we are building the biggest, baddest brand on the planet, bar none. So here we are today in Baltimore. We're at Raven Stadium, we're on a football field, not too far the place where company was founded. And while we've grow and moved into so much more than that, we never forget our heritage, we never forget our culture of where we come. We talk about our greatest asset at Under Armour, and it's not a logo, and it's not the name of a company. It's the people that we have as part of our brand, and it's our team. And now I'd like you to meet just a few members of that Under Armour team. When they called me, I felt like I'd been accepted into Harvard, or maybe I'd made the elite, maybe even drafted into the NFL. Other than my wedding, it was almost the best of my life. Really just felt like I had hit a home run coming out of college and really landing that first amazing job that you were going to be set for. It's a pretty amazing place to walk into. You really can't find this culture anywhere else. It's determined. It's very tight-knit, close family. We're a huge company at this point, considering when I started there was probably 500 people at the company. It still has that family feel. And it's really a driven company, where everyone's got the same goal. We're all on a team. The best part, I'd say, is the people and the energy. I'd have to say, the people. The energy that comes from the people. It's really nice to get up in the morning and go to work in a place that you believe in what you're doing and the product that you're making. Sometimes it feels like it's a new day every day, and sometimes I feel like I'm part of the old crew because there's so many new people, and fresh faces, so much energy, it's insane. I mean it's great. So Kevin is a great inspiration. He's such a visionary. He knows what he wants, which is great. And he knows how to get it, and he is a great leader in that sense, where he really provides direction on how to achieve our goals, the way he did. And he makes you want to work hard. You know, he's clearly so passionate about Under Armour, and these products, and it's infectious. You want to work hard because you see him working hard. His energy is contagious. I think one of the great things about him, is he listens. There's never a dull moment with Kevin around. [MUSIC PLAYING] So right now we're at the promenade. It's literally 100 feet from the office building. I come out here and eat my lunch sometimes. It's just a nice place to get away. My favorite part about working in this office is probably having to call my trainees here. Humble and Hungry Cafe is awesome. It's one of the best things that's happened to Under Armour in the six years I've been here, because now we have a place, not only for great food, now we have a place where everybody can hangout, see each other-- Even the opening of the new cafe has been just incredible, and just a chance to interact with everyone in the organization. I knew the company was going to do amazing things, but I never thought I would kind of witness a lot of it. So being part of the Olympics is insane, being part of the NFL. Under Armour does a great job of giving back to the community. I've been involved with the Ronald McDonald House. It's where you go and you make dinner for the families and the patient's at the Ronald McDonald House. And Under Armour, and Kevin does a great job, not only with the Ronald McDonald House, but with Breast Cancer Awareness and all the other activities he supports. So it's a very special place for that. UA Green we started, not just about being environmentally sensitive because that's really important, but it's about being efficient, and being effective in everything we do. I think, to me, every like three years, the company has changed a lot. And so I think they're still just more and more we can do. So I'm not ready to throw in the towel. I want to see where it goes, and I want to be part of. What's different about Under Armour than anywhere else I've worked, it's that drive. It's that sense of purpose. It's that, we will. We will. It's not just a marketing phrase. Everybody believes it. We will. We are building the biggest, baddest brand on the planet. And the question that we have, is that are you up for the challenge to come join and take on, and be a part, of not only things, but the reality of doing just that. We need help. We need great partners. We need people that are committed to helping to come protect our house. Are you up to the challenge? Welcome to Under Armour. We would love to have you.