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I want to be the best in the world. I've already been around the nation. Now I want to travel around the world for track. This is a picture from Houston, Texas. I was running the 400. And how did you do? Good. I got first. This is my baton. When you're running for the relay race, you run like this. And you just run around the whole track. And then you say, "stick," and hand it to them. And they'll just start running too. And then they'll say "stick" to someone else. Show me what you do with your hands when you're running. Like this fives. And you just run like this. I don't know why you make fives. These are my medals and my one trophy for track. You're too young to win that many medals. No, not really. How old are you? Eight. You're eight years, and you've one that many medals. 55. What would would one of your friends or your teammates say about your personality. Nice. What else? Awesome. When I'm on the track, I'm not nice anymore. I'm all business. Every day is like a race. Every day, I want to win.

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