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    Compression was designed as a second skin. It was designed to keep athletes cool and comfortable on the field and keep their muscles locked in place for any sport. This is for competitive athletes who are concerned about performance. You want your muscles ready for competition? This is the fit for you. It just makes you feel powerful. It makes you feel locked and loaded and ready for anything. When you buy compression fit, you want it to fit snug to the skin. Notice, no gap being anywhere on the body. Really fits like a true second skin. You're looking at our Coldgear Mock. And you're also matching it up to a Coldgear Tight. It comes in Heatgear short-sleeved, sleeveless, long-sleeved, shorts and tights. You can really match your activity and your silhouette to anything you run into on the field. I use it basically when it's cold out, or even if it's indoor tennis during the winter, just to keep my muscles warm. Any athlete who is concerned about performance should choose compression fit. Under Armour isn't a compression company. Under Armour is about temperature regulation, keeping you ready for any environment. Compression is the squeeze that makes you stronger.