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    [MUSIC PLAYING] Under Armour basically built compression as a secondary layer. It's the squeeze that makes you better. It's game changing. You feel that extra squeeze, like it connects with you, like you know that you're locked in and loaded and ready to go. So their not feeling that you're wearing that's too small for you. But they're actually cut in a way that just squeezes you and creates a second skin. Up here we have our mock and our legging. And these are both cold gear garments. So you'll actually get the compression fit as well as all of our other fits in both heat gear and cold gear garments. That's a very important thing to remember. Another important thing to remember is that smalls in compression are smalls in fitted and semi-fitted and loose. So if you're wearing a small in either of these garments, you're always going to wear a small no matter what the fit is. So key components here is that this is ultra tight, squeezes you in, makes you feel supported, gets you pumped up for your activity or your game, and there's a great feeling when you take the garment off. So that's a really important part of the garment. You can see here the fit through the body, the fit through the arms and the shoulders, down through the leg, very, very tight, close-to-skin fit all the way down to the bottom of the leg. It's really there to keep you all locked in and ready to go, and it's got that great compression feel that our athletes love. Well, I think it's important as an athlete so not only feel like an athlete but look as an athlete. And I think as a compression, it works as both. And so it enhances my performance personally. Under Armour is the originator of compression. It's authentic to our DNA. We built it. We own it. And we're going to keep changing the game of that. Compression is the squeeze that makes you stronger.