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    [BUZZER SOUND] The originator of performance of power. Under Armour gives you three gear lines for protection from every temperature extreme mother nature throws your way. HeatGear is Under Armour's first innovation, performance fabrication that keeps you cool, dry, and light. It wicks the sweat from your body and draws it to the surface, speeding evaporation. The end result-- you'll regulate your body temperature and be able to get everything you've got to your workout, practice, or game. AllSeasonGear does the impossible. It regulates your core temperature and changing conditions. Wear AllSeasonGear when temperatures are unpredictable, between the extremes. It will keep you dry, light, and comfortable throughout the day. ColdGear-- Under Armour's most iconic and trusted gear line for all athletes. Two-sided construction contains a brushed inner layer for softness, while trapping the warmth of the body. The smooth and sleek outer layer then allows sweat to spread across the surface for fast evaporation. Wear ColdGear to stay warm, dry, and light when the mercury drops. No matter the temperature. Under Armour has the gear line to keep you operating at peak performance.