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    UnderArmour loose fit is a classic fit. All athletes are going to recognize this fit, whether they're training, under pads, gameday. This is going to be a t-shirt when you're just looking for ultimate comfort, you're not looking to feel that shirt. This is the one you want. UnderArmour loose fit is going to be full cut throughout the body. Lots of extra fabric here for mobility, lots of extra room in the arm so you can move around. Tops to bottoms, this is going to be your full cut fit. UnderArmour loose fit is going to be the preference for some athletes who want that extra room and that extra comfort. It's good for any sports, it's good for training. It's really about personal preference here. How do I want my UnderArmour to feel? This is the one that's going to give you the most room. UnderArmour loose is comfortable, but there's not so much fabric here that it's going to get in your way. It's giving you that full range of motion, lots of comfort, but not so much that you're weighed down. If you're a large, you're going to be a large in loose. You don't need to size down. This is a large, and this is how it should look. Plenty of room through the body, tops and bottoms. Lots of mobility. UnderArmour loose fit is a generous cut for ultimate comfort.