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    Wounded Warrior Project started in the basement of a home in Roanoke, Virginia. The idea to provide tangible comfort items and transition items for men and women in their hospital beds, whether it be in Landstuhl, Germany, Walter Reed, Bethesda, Balboa, Brooke Army Medical Center. Wounded Warrior Project was one of the first organizations that came into my hospital bed when I was at Walter Reed. One of the reps that came in delivered my backpack with some toiletry items, a shirt, shorts, toothbrush. It was something that you would think you would have coming back, but everything gets cut off of you. All you get is the hospital gown. I got a knock on my door and my wife was scheduled to come that night, and it was a guy named John Melia. And he had a backpack. And the backpack had a logo on it of one warrior carrying another off the battlefield. And I could relate to that. And he gave me this backpack and I kind of held it for a minute, and I opened it up and in there are shorts and t-shirt. And all these things that after you've been in a hospital down for a week, I can tell you there's probably no more significant gift that you can ever receive as that guy in the hospital bed. And I can tell you I probably won't receive a gift more significant than that for the rest of my life. It doesn't seem like much. You might not think it's a big deal. But it really is a big deal. And then to have somebody like Under Armour come along and be a part of the program. And having that logo, that Wounded Warrior Project Logo and the Under Armour logo, brings a sense of familiarity. And then also that initial recognition that there's an organization, Wounded Warrior Project, that's out there that's going to support you and be with you throughout your entire recovery.