Video: This Is Your Armour Bra™

Designed by women for women, your Armour Bra is the result of Under Armour dedicating itself to promoting a sports bra based on the science behind it.
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    Length: 2:03
    If there's anything that female athletes can relate to that's the purchase of the perfect sport's bra. It's just one piece of equipment that's the hardest to find. There's just a multitude of problems around purchasing this bra. Finding the right fit, the right cup size, the right comfort, how do you navigate this? Seven out of 10 women wear the wrong size sport's bra. Poor breast support can cause pain, it could lead to permanent sagging of the breast, and it can have a negative effect on sports' performance. At the start of this project, we partnered with Dr. Joanna Scurr probably the foremost expert on women's breast health. We have sensors that we attach to the body and to the breast. And those sensors allow us to calculate independent breast movement. And we look at how effective the Armor Bra is at changing the biomechanics of the breast during running. Participants in our study reported that it felt very supportive for them and that the fit was very good. We really just wanted to do this for her, designed by women for women. We have a great little message in there, this is my Armor Bra made for me. We leveraged a new bonding technology which is the first time that we're launching this in a sports' bra. It's eliminating chafing on the inside of the bra. It also provides an amazing navigation system for our consumers. All of the band and cup sizes have been color coded. We realized that some cup sizes needed a more open back and even larger cup sizes needed a fully open back. A lot of women like having the option of having a removable cup. The cups give more support. They are perforated for breathability. And they're really easy to put in or take out. So you have a choice there too. The look and feel of this bra was high on our radar. The black aesthetic, the embossed script print that's at the side, the fastening at the back. All of these components just make it 100%. It's great to see a manufacturer interested in promoting a product based on the science behind it. We set out on this quest to make the perfect bra for her, and I think we got there.