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    Length: 2:25
    [MUSIC PLAYING] For more than 20 years, carbon based scent technology has been the only option for hunters looking to neutralize scent and get a deadly edge in the field. Today, Under Armor has an announcement. Carbon is officially obsolete. Because we've created something better. Introducing Under Armor Scent Control. Lighter, quieter, and longer lasting than anything ever engineered. Under Armor Scent Control contains synthetic zeolites which mimic the radical organic compound found when molten lava hits fresh sea water. One of the only negatively charged minerals in all of nature, zeolites form interconnected channels like a honeycomb that trap and hold odor. Along with zeolites, Under Armour Scent Control is fused with silver, which is one of earth's most antimicrobial substances, making it the first and only scent and silver mixture ever. Together, they target human specific scent, unlike carbon based products, which indiscriminately mask any and all odors. Performance gear treated with this powerful UA Scent Control combination dramatically minimizes your scent profile. And does it up to 10 times longer than carbon. Simply put, this makes you more dangerous and more lethal than ever before. Best of all, Under Armor Scent Control is built to last. This highly rechargeable technology releases trapped odors during a normal wash cycle. So when you're back from the hunt, just wash and reactivate your Under Armour Scent Control treated garment. It's that easy. Carbon's effectiveness degrades up to 50% after just five washes. Under Armor Scent Control maintains its effectiveness even after 50 washes. Under Armor Scent Control Performance Gear is available in base, mid, and outer layers to neutralize your scent all season, any season. Under Armor Scent Control, never detected, always lethal.