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    Curtis: Curtis Williams here with the Under Armour Performance Training Tip of the Day. Right now we're going to get into a core-conditioning and a strengthening exercise called "The Kamikaze". Right now, what we're going to do, is get into push-up position, hopping our feet back. Under control, tapping the knees with the opposite hand. Right, we're going to actually go both sides, shifting over laterally, and then hopping up. Right? We're gonna go right back down into it, shooting our legs back, making sure we're contracted to the core as we tap the knee with the opposite hand. Then we're going to bear-crawl to the side, in a lateral motion, good control at the shoulders as well, right back down into it. We usually do this exercise for 45 seconds to condition our athletes, getting them in a lot better shape, picking up the pace, alright? You do this exercise 2-3 times a week, you become a lot more conditioned as athletes, and a lot stronger as well. I'm Curtis Williams and that was the Under Armour Performance Training Tip of the Day.